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Jalen’s Journey

As parents of a special needs/autistic child, we knew certain milestones would be challenging to accomplish. Making our son Jalen employable was always a far thought that crossed our minds. If employed, Jalen’s independence could be possible. Hence, as parents, we will not always be around for our kid's well-being. 

Therefore, we have taken destiny into our own hands and homed in on one of Jalen’s talents, “visualization”. 
As many who have Autistic Angels in their life, know that they are very visual and attention to detail-oriented.

For years, we have been using essential oils for aiding in our Jalen’s mood.


These oils are not a cure, as we know, Autism is not curable but we believe essential oils helped in mood swings, not only with Jalen but as a family as a whole.

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From no language, to sign language, to now verbal, our son Jalen is capable of following instructions as we set forth a journey for self-employment. We like to call it: “Operation Autistic Entrepreneurship”.

Together we have several mixtures and products that Jalen is able to measure, mix, create, pack and ship on his own to provide for consumers with such interest.

As of now, the flagship homemade product is essential oils, with more product opportunities for the future. 

Aromatherapy, ABA therapy, Speech therapy, OT therapy, and Music/Art therapy are just a few therapy programs our Autistic Angel Jalen has endured through the years to reach his current abilities. Of course, advocacy and hard work from (us) parents, Jalen and many caring people along the journey made this all possible. 

With that said, a percentage (%) of sales are donated to special need charities.



Autism is not curable, but individuals can recover in hopes of a somewhat independent life if started early on. Not all situations are similar, hence the autism spectrum is vast.

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